Kadıköy Escort Bayan Missy

Kadıköy Escort Missy

Tel: 0531 5664044

Kadıköy Escort Missy

Yaş: 27

Cinsiyet: Bayan

Etnikköken: Caucasian (Rus)

Ülke: Türkiye

Şehir: İstanbul

Saç Rengi: Siyah

Gözrengi: Kahve Rengi

Boy: 180 cm

Kilo: 51 kg

Ölçüler: 98-63-95 cm

Elbise Bedeni: M

Ayakkabı no: 37

Gögüs Ölçüsü: D

Genital Bölge Kıl durumu: Tamamen Traşlı

Sigara: Arasıra

İçki: Hayır

Kadıköy Escort Bayan Missy

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Escort Missy Tel: 0531 5664044

İstanbul Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan Missy

İstanbul Anadolu Yakası Escort‘u Miisy hanım kendisini beyefendilere bir ödül olarak tanımlamış. Bakımlı, sıcak, sempatik ve eğlenceli bir bayan olan İstanbul Anadolu Yakası Escort‘u Missy hanım size bir telefon kadar yakın. Hakkımda: Anadolu Yakası Bayan Escort Missy ben. Fotoğraflar %100 Bana Aittir Lütfen Gereksiz Sorular Sormayınız, Sıcak, Sempatik Kendinden Emin, Eğlenceli Bir Escort Bayanım Kendisini Benimle Ödüllendirecek En Az Benim Kadar Bakımlı Hijyenik Eglenceli, Elit Beylerle Görüşmeler Yapıyorum. Anal ve Kondomsuz ilişkiye Asla Girmiyorum Telefonda dahi bunu Konuşmuyorum Teklif dahi etmeyiniz GÖRÜŞMELERİ KENDİ Konakladığım 5 yıldızlı Otel Odamda yada sizin belirleyeceğiniz 4*/5* OTELLERDE YAPIYORUM. FOTOGRAFLAR BİREBİR BANA AİTTİR Kadıköy Escort Bayan Missy İstanbul Escort Bayan Missy


Kadikoy Escort Missy İstanbul Escorts Missy

İstanbul Escort Girl Missy A pleasure giver. While  you (of course) love to receive, nothing makes you harder than hearing a escort woman come again and again by your hands...or mouth...or cock. Animalistic, passionate, intense, raw. You seek someone with those same qualities who is also nice to look at, down to earth, with a good head on their shoulders and totally focused on your time. An open minded person in need of an tantalizing  escape from daily life. You seek someone who will stimulate your brain, awaken your senses, ignite your passion and fulfill your desires. You understand that true stimulation starts with the brain and works its way down. Someone who doesn't need to ask what I like or want, because you already know: You. A man who knows what he wants and takes it. Someone who can gently guide a conversation to its natural conclusion and then ravage me endlessly. Looking for someone genuine someone responsive, who truly enjoys themselves and expresses their joy and pleasure. You are looking to transcend a simple "transaction" and connect on a sensual level. A little dirty. A little naughty. Very horny. Your interests can range from a simple lay, to GFE, to PSE, to foot fetish...and the list only starts there. I'm a dirty, naughty escort girl and enjoy it all Appreciative. You take the time to notice and enjoy the small details and amenities, rather than just trudging through. You appreciate soft lighting, soft music, soft skin, soft fabric. You understand that life is best enjoyed like fine wine, or lingering over a great meal. That moments are meant to be paused on and indulged in... not rushed through, and forgotten about. You seek a lasting memory, not a blip on the radar. Generous, and warmhearted. You're that person who puts everyone else first. You love to see people smile, and do what you can to make them happy. You help those with less than you when the opportunity arises. A little bit nerdy...or you're into nerdy escort females.
İstanbul Escorts Missy Kadıköy Escort Girl Missy 

Daria Kadıköydeki en iyi Escortlar'dan Biri Kadıköy Escort Bayan Daria